Services dental

Conservative dentistry..

.. it’s decay and gums treatment, as well as all types of preventive treatment, out of which we offer the following:

  • Light-curing  fillings,
  • Root canal treatment (single or multistage),
  • teeth reconstruction (also using glass fibre) ,
  • tartar and plaque removal,
  • and many other services, always at available price.

Children dentistry

We pay special attention to our youngest patients. We always do our best to perform a pain-free treatment, ensuring their comfort.

We offer:

  • adaptation courses for children,
  • preventive care,
  • decay treatment on milk-teeth ,
  • composite bonding,
  • fluoride treatment.

Esthetic dentistry

For a healthy and beautiful smile, we offer:

  • living and dead teeth whitening,
  • shape correction,
  • closing teeth gaps and removing diastema ,
  • teeth jewellery,
  • dental veneers..

Aktualne promocje

  • Teeth whitening

    Do not miss out on our teeth whitening special offer: now it only costs 600 PLN (137 euro, 121 British pounds)

  • Anaesthetics and radiographs included in treatment costs!

    If you choose us, you don’t have to pay extra for anaesthetics and radiographs- these services are included in your treatment costs!

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